This is a recreation of a page that originally appeared at meldrum.co.uk/mhp/continuity/diana.html. The layout is responsive and will adapt to the device you are viewing it on, and the audio files have been updated to take advantage of modern web standards so they can be played directly in your browser. The text itself is largely unchanged except for when linking into the audio files (e.g. "Click on the image for RealAudio") and general fixes in grammar, typos, or capitalisation to adhere to sentence case.

All opinions expressed in the original text are that of the original author at the time of the webpage's publication, circa 1997.

Technical info

I used Skeleton for the layout and FFmpeg to convert the old RealAudio files.

I re-encoded the audio files in both Ogg Opus and MP3 for full compatibility. Please bear in mind the age of these files means they are not of the highest fidelity - they were encoded with 1997 dial-up download speeds in mind (apart from the reuploaded clip mentioned below).


Thank you to Inspector Sands for providing me with a higher quality version of his recording of Mike Dickin on Talk Radio.

Original MHP website created and edited by Darren Meldrum.

This recreation made by VMPhil. I'm on Twitter and TV Forum. Email me at vmphil8@gmail.com.